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My Thoughts and Feelings on Charlottesville, VA

I started writing a completely different post on my feelings regarding Charlottesville, VA.

I worked on it for two hours. I used my emotions to fuel the post. I showed how upset and angry I am that the world is still full of so much hate. I talked about how I don’t like watching the news. (With the occasional exception of Cheyenne, Wyoming’s Channel 5, for my favorite morning news anchor and Facebook friend, Kayla Dixon.) But as I was editing it, I realized that everything I wrote was wrong.

It was wrong for one big reason.

It was fueled by anger.

Which I am angry. I’m angry that in 2017 there is still so much hate. There are still so many people who hate other people because of the COLOR OF THEIR SKIN. This is something I just can’t wrap my head around.

While I don’t watch or read the news, I found out what was going on in Charlottesville the same way I figure a lot of people have found out about it; Social Media. I have yet to actually click on an article and read it, because the information I need is in headlines and people’s tweets or statuses. I don’t need to read more than that. Because I don’t need that sort of negativity. I don’t need to read an entire article to understand what’s happening there.

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve always judged people based on how they’ve treated me. If you’re disrespectful and mean to me, then I’ve thought you were a mean person. If you’ve been super nice, I’ve always thought you were a nice person. But I’ve never looked at someone and thought “Oh I can’t talk to you because your skin color is different from mine.” To me, it’s illogical to hate someone because of their skin color.  There is no valid reasoning there.


As I was taking a break from editing my post, I was scrolling through facebook and found this article from APost.com. Now, while I know it’s a little old it’s still valid for right now.

-Here’s the video from the article-


I have always loved John Lennon’s Imagine. The song has given me chills every single time I’ve listened to it. But to watch this new take on it, especially now, is very eye-opening. It can really make you think about what life could be like if we didn’t have all this hate. If we could live in peace even if we don’t agree with one another.

Why are we WASTING the valuable time we have here worrying about the color of someone’s skin or the God they believe (or don’t believe) in or who they love? Why are we wasting so much of our time on hate?

I can think of at least 25 other useful things we could be doing with our lives.

  1. Figuring out how to stop global warming
  2. Endangered species preservation
  3. Solving world hunger
  4. Finding a cure for cancer
  5. Finding a cure for AIDS
  6. Banning everything toxic from OUR FOOD
  7. Writing the next great novel (I’ve got this one. ;))
  8. Producing another romance movie starring Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams
  9. Producing Tamara 2: Tamara’s Revenge (Totally loved that movie, Jenna.)
  10. Watching Funny Cat Videos
  11. Watching FailArmy
  12. Watching Shane Dawson eat 40 lbs of Taco Bell while waffle ironing and blow torching children’s toys.
  13. Playing with the next big fad (Fidget spinners are dead now, is that right?)
  14. Producing an Arrow/Flash/Gotham spin-off show featuring Margot Robbie and Jared Leto as Harley Quinn & The Joker, And Where the score for the entire series is preformed by 30 Seconds To Mars
  15. Making sure A.I. doesn’t become too intelligent
  16. Figuring out a way to visit the now non-planet Pluto. (IT WAS MY FAVORITE PLANET AND THEY TOOK IT AWAY FROM ME!)
  17. Finding out what REALLY is in that chicken McNugget
  18. Figuring out what we’re going to do when there’s no more chocolate or coffee left
  19. Providing help to local shelters and charities.
  20. Figuring out new medical advances.
  21. Finally finding out where Waldo is.
  22. Figuring out time travel.
  23. Finding out who killed the Black Dahlia.
  24. Making contact with Aliens
  25. Creating new hair coloring trend

I Think You Get My Point

I could probably come up with about a billion other things that we could be doing other than giving into anger and hate. BUUUT I don’t think anyone wants to spend 3 hours reading this post.

I hope you understand what I’m getting at.

All of this hate that’s going on in Charlottesville, is so wasteful. It’s not solving anything. It’s not getting us anywhere closer to bettering the planet. Which by the way, is home to ALL OF US. If anything, we seem to be moving backwards.

To those of you who think killing someone over the color of their skin is an okay thing to do, you’re mistaken. And I truly wish that you open your eyes and realize that we are ALL HUMAN. We are all THE SAME.

It’s 2017. It’s time we do something about all the hate in the world, before it destroys us all.




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