A Letter To The Girl That’s Became My Best Friend

This is a letter to the girl I would consider my best friend. It’s funny to think about that. Because just two years ago, we did NOT like each other.

Since we first started to get to know each other last spring, I’ve come to realize how much you and I are both alike. It’s so rare to find a friend that’s just like you. Someone who thinks the way you do. Someone who gives you NO BULLSHIT and is straight with you. It’s hard to find people like that, let alone become friends with them. Someone who has been through a lot of the same BS as you.

I wish we would have connected so much sooner.

But the point of this is not to talk about how much we get are alike. The point of this letter to you is so much more than that.


From your son’s accident to the incident shortly after that, to your dad passing, to moving to Iowa and figuring out you guys don’t belong there. To coming home and going through even more crap. It won’t be like this forever, I promise.

You are such a STRONG WOMAN. && I admire you.

I admire you for pushing through even though you should be giving up.

I admire you for fighting for your kids. You are an amazing mom.

I want you to know how happy I am to have you as my friend. My best friend. And I want you to know that things WILL GET BETTER. It might not seem like ti right now, but they will. Things will turn around for you in a great way. You need to know that I’m here for you through all of this. I’ll scream and shout and stomp right along with you. 

Don’t give up. (I know you won’t! It’s what I admire about you.) And whenever you are feeling down, just read this and know you can come to me. I’ll never judge you or be fake. And I know you’re the same way!

It doesn’t matter what they say, it doesn’t matter what they think, and it doesn’t matter what they try to do. You are an amazing mom, person, and friend. (You also make some pretty bad ass bath bombs.) I’m so glad to have you in my life, Kayla. Keep your head up and know that;


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