My Review of It Works! Global (Products & Company)

What I Went Through With It Works! Global

If you’ve known me for a while, you’ll know that in October 2014, I signed up to be an Independent Distributor with It Works Global. I remember how excited I had been from the get-go. But within just a week my up-line, the lady I signed under, was getting ready to leave It Works for Le-Vel. She was talked out of it, but only after I had been moved under someone else.

It made it a rough start for me as I had lost the person I made a connection with. So I worked on. I signed my first two LC’s (Loyal Customers) within my first month. My dad and my step-mother-in-law. I was so excited, but it was hard for me to reach out to people to talk to them about wrapping. I didn’t want to offend anyone even though skinny people use those wraps.

I didn’t sell much in December or January (If you are thinking of joining a direct sales company the worst months are October, November, December, January because of the winter holidays.) I got new LC’s in February thanks to my up-line placing them for me. (So I did not make 15% commission off of them.) My first distributor I signed was in March and was my cousin, who I feel bad for putting in that position. (We left together for another company though.) She signed her friend and then I had distributors placed under me by my up-line.

I hit executive and then Ruby within in a month, but then turned around and lost it all the following month when my team started to fall apart. I had NO real leadership as I felt weird about the original person I signed under since she tried to leave right away, and my new up-line only liked who ever was doing best on her team. There was no help from anyone. To top this off, the people who were placed under me, only wanted to talk to her. So there was no connection between me and my team members.

I believed in this company full force and I really wanted to succeed. But it was hard. I was putting more money into the company than I was actually making. I made around $1100.00 in 8 months, but by the end of it I had lost over TWENTY FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS. (Roughly about $3600.00 I put into the company.)

What They Don’t Disclose

When you first sign up you have to have LC’s shipments equal to 150.00 a month or you have to run an auto-shipment of at least 80 PBV. (Plus shipping and tax and you’re looking at over 100.00) Plus the website fee is 20.00 a month. So you’re spending at least $120.00/month.

The commission is only 10% (+5% if you personally enrolled the LC) so if you can’t get $150.00 in orders from LC’s your spending $120.00 to make less than $22.50 per month. Your told to keep your auto-shipment on so that you are constantly using the products because how else can you sell them if you aren’t using them?

To top this off, your taught to say things like “I’m looking for 5 people to join my team this month” because that’s how many people you need under you to reach the rank of Ruby. (Which claims to have an average of $599.00 a month. I never saw that kind of paycheck when I finally reached Ruby.) It’s supposed to generate a sense of “urgency” as they say, but when you really think about it. It’s a little scam-y.

Not only that, but you also refer to LC’s as “PRODUCT TESTERS” instead of being straight-forward. So you are taught to say “I’m looking for five product testers to try the wrap at my discount for three months.” This is total bull.

1.What really happens is you are looking for five people to sign up as LC’s who receive the LOYAL CUSTOMER DISCOUNT (it is NOT refereed to as the    distributor discount!). It’s a discount you get for being a LOYAL CUSTOMER and has nothing to do with the distributor. You could sign up on their website and not under a specific distributor and you’ll still get the LC discount.

2. They also aren’t saying what’s really happening. You aren’t “testing” the product for three months. Your signing up for three months worth of products on an AUTO-SHIPMENT. Meaning if you don’t have the $60.00+ to put forth for that box of wraps one month, you get charged $50.00!

3. They also don’t mention that if you don’t like the product, oh well you’re stuck with it. Better choose a different product for your auto-shipment for the following month. (Their return policy is awful.)

Another thing they don’t really discuss is that when you earn the $2000.00 Double Diamond Bonus it’s paid out over 24 months and if you mess up one month, it’s GONE and you can never earn it again. So if you were only double diamond for 2 months that’s roughly $166.66666 total you actually got paid out of $2000.00. ($83.333/month about) AND they take that out of your commissions if you lost it.

Don’t forget about the irate customers you have to deal with that get so upset when they finally find out about the auto-shipment.

What About The Products?

Well they aren’t awful. The wraps work and I loved the greens. I saw no difference in my stress levels while on Confianza (if you do, it’s a placebo effect). The fat-fighters can be bought at your local GNC (under a different brand and name) with a lower price tag that will do the same thing. The Energy is a very good energy drink. Their skin line is good, though you can find the same products at Ulta Beauty and you won’t have to worry about shipping. (Some of them might even be cheaper!)

If you want to try their products; by all means, I urge you to do so. But make sure to ask your distributor to give you ALL the details. If they don’t, I would find someone else.

Extra Information

I found one of the main leaders of the team I was on, the other day, her and the ENTIRE TEAM left It Works! for Le-Vel. (Including the up-line I had that wanted to leave for Le-Vel but was talked out of it.) THIS BLEW MY MIND and is what prompted me to write this review.

Last week, they had 9.99 sign on special. But NOT ONCE did I see a post that actually explained what you needed to do in order to even be commission qualified. So your “$10” investment quickly turns into a $130.00 investment with maybe 22.50 commission check. Leaving you -$107.50. (Doesn’t that sound like a dream come true?)

People like to refer to It Works as a “Pyramid Scheme” and I’ll be honest, the way they promote their products, bonuses, and the company itself is a little scam-y, but it’s not a pyramid scheme. You can get enough loyal customers and distributors to create a pretty healthy paycheck, but you have to work literally 24/7. You have to work through the stress of everyday lives. You cannot take a single “mental health day” because that could be detrimental to the amount of money you make the following month.

Please do your research before you sign up as a distributor or loyal customer. There are plenty of companies out there that pay at least 20% commission without needing an auto-shipment or $20.00 website fee.There are plenty of companies out there offering the products It Works offers, that don’t tie you into an auto-shipment. I didn’t research much before I joined It Works! and I learned the hard way.



**These statements are my personal opinions. I am not intending to hurt the company in any way. I am simply discussing my personal review of the company.**


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