My Review of The Monte Carlo Hotel and Casino

Let me start off with a warning of sorts. I am not intending to “drag” the Monte Carlo in any way. I am simply going to review the hotel from my point of view.

When we stayed there for our trip in 2015, I was in love with it. There is nothing for children to do there so it’s mostly kid free. (Perfect for a kid free vacation.) They had plenty of food places and even some cool shops. (And the bad ass minus 5 ice bar. 

I even gave it a review on 5/5 stars!

But this time I was more than disappointed and it has caused Nathan and us to rethink where we will be staying next time. 

We booked the room for 34.00/night. It was SO cheap and I assumed it was just the right timing and they were having a sale. They never mentioned anything going on. 

I was so wrong. 

It was SO cheap because they are currently working on the hotel. 

The construction literally starts at 5 AM. So if you are going to vegas to stay out all night and sleep in, there will be NO sleeping in at the Monte Carlo. 

I’m more than a little upset that, this was not disclosed to us upon booking. 
I’m not talking normal coonsturction. I’m talking, LOUD JACK HAMMERING that sounds like it is coming from right above you. 

There is no pool currently. And while they do give you access to the MGM Grand’s pool and the Mandalay Bay pool there’s two things wrong here. One is quite far away. I’m glad we didn’t go there with swimsuits. 

The shops I mentioned before, are GONE. G-O-N-E, GONE. And one of the restraints I wanted to try was shut down even though they advertise it all over the casino. 

We were charged a 37.00 fee and when I went to ask them about it  the lady said “it’s a resort fee”. But she wouldn’t even look at us. So we moved on. 

This was wrong because the daily resort fee was added into the total of the hotel so I’m still not sure what they charged us for. 

Let me remind you, NO POOL, NO SHOPS, LOUD CONSTRUCTION. Why was there a resort fee in the first place?? 

The room wasn’t very nice either. The bed contained two sheets (Not even a fitted sheet so it slid around all night and I could feel the mattress. This is gross when you think about how many people have slept on it.) and the blanket was basically a thicker sheet. There was no actual blanket. I don’t know about you, but I like to sleep with full blown air conditioning and that gets cold. 

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    1. Yes! I forgot to add about the noise at about 10pm when they would clean up from the days construction. I would have had a totally different opinion if they would have let us know ahead of time! :/

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