Viva Las Vegas Baby!

Remember my blog post from my old blog talking about our vacation to Black Hawk instead of Vegas? Well guess what!? We’re going to VEGAS!

Due to me receiving some GREAT freelance writing work and really getting my freelance writing career going, we are able to swing going to Vegas. We are so excited! (Black Hawk is pretty cool and if you are thinking of checking it out, seriously do so.)

Our Trip-Travel & Hotel

Since flights are so expensive (Frontier, Spirit, Allegiant are cheap until you have to add your bag and seat…) we have decided we will DRIVE! We are excited for a road trip and plan to leave a day earlier than our reservation starts, to stay in St. George Utah. It’s about a ten hour drive from where we live and only an hour and a half drive from Las Vegas!

We will get up on Monday and drive the hour and a half into Vegas. We won’t be exhausted by trying to drive about 12 hours or so in one day. We will get to Vegas and be refreshed and ready for all the fun that’s awaiting us there!

We are staying at the Monte Carlo. Which is where we stayed at the last time we were there (2015). I booked the room for a whopping $40.48 a night! Which is amazing because the hotel is pretty nice.

When we got married in 2013, we were on a major budget. We got married and stayed at the Excalibur Hotel. It’s not the nicest hotel on the strip. The rooms are old and smell musky, even the non-smoking rooms. It’s family friendly as they have a huge arcade and the Tournament of The Kings (we saw it the night we got married!) If you are going on an adult trip, you should do your research so you avoid the hotels aimed at families. The Monte Carlo does not have an arcade and there isn’t much for children to do inside the hotel, which is why it’s perfect if you don’t have kids with you!

The Food We Plan To Eat

Last time we went we ate at Earl of Sandwich for the first time. It’s located in the Miracle Mile Shops inside of the Planet Hollywood Hotel & Casino.

If you like sandwiches as much as we do, I urge you to try it! It is the BEST sandwich place I have ever been to in my life. The bread is perfect, soft and not hard like some sandwich shops. (lookin at you Subway.) The meat and cheese are so fresh. It makes for one of the best sandwiches ever.

When we went in 2013, we also ate at the hard rock cafe. It was expensive and since we had been on a budget and wanted the souviner picture more, we ordered an appetizer that we shared and we each had a drink. The total was still almost $100.00! I want to eat here again so we can get a new picture taken!

The first time we were there we also found the best pizza place inside of the Luxor,  Bonanno’s New York Pizzeria. The slices are huge and greasy. Much like you would find in New York City.

I found out recently that there is an In and Out Burger located near the strip in Vegas. I’ve ate there before when I was younger on a trip to California to visit my oldest brother (he was in the Marines and stationed in San Diego), but Nathan has never ate there before. So we are making this our first stop for food when we get into Vegas since it’s right off the highway and sort of near our hotel anyways.

Mmm mmm mmm.

How To Get Free Things

I play myVEGAS Slots. (If you don’t and you like going to Vegas or are planning to go, I urge you to download all three apps; myVEGAS, POP! slots, and myVEGAS Blackjack.) Then you sign up for an Mlife rewards card. (How I got our room so cheap!) You then play the games and build up loyalty points to earn rewards. It’s a great system for the frequent Vegas goer.

I wasn’t really aware of it the first time we went, so I didn’t have any rewards to redeem. But when we went in 2015, I redeemed for; a free whiskey tasting at the HIT Bar & Lounge inside of the Monte Carlo, free 2-for-1 Starbucks drinks at the Monte Carlo, 10.00 in FREEPLAY at the Monte Carlo, and a buy one get one free ticket to Cirque du Soleil’s Zumanity. (GO SEE IT IF YOU DON’T HAVE KIDS. IT”S AMAZING!) I only ended up using the Free Zumanity ticket, but I could have used two of the other ones, as you are allowed to use three in a 90 day period. I didn’t get my MLife card until the night we went to the show so I wasn’t able to redeem any more rewards. (We left the following day so I also missed out on saving money at some of the hotel shops.)

This time, I’ve redeemed for a free ticket to Siegfried and Roy’s Secret Garden (purchase of one ticket required) and one complimentary race at Pole Poosition. (This one is for Nathan’s birthday present!) It’s a Go Kart racing place right off the strip. And I can still redeem for one more. Which I might get the 25.00 in freeplay at the Monte Carlo, but we haven’t decided if we want to see another Cirque du Soeil show or not.

Use the app, save up your points and you can save some money while you are there. They also offer free buffet passes and other food and drink rewards that you can use! It’s absolutely worth it. Besides, it’s fun to win thousands of coins, even if it’s not real money!

Bars/Clubs, Free Drinks

We aren’t big drinkers. In fact, I still have a little over half of the bottle of wine from mother’s day. It’s just not as fun as it once was. With responsibilities piling up, a hangover just doesn’t sound that fun. That is, unless we are on vacation.

Last year when we went to Nashville, we had a couple of drinks the second night we were there and then a couple the night we saw Scotty McCreery & Lauren Alaina at the Grand Ole Opry. But it wasn’t in excess. Besides, I was there on business for Scentsy Family Reunion. I was more focused on that than anything else.

When we went to Vegas in 2015, we went to the Minus 5 Ice Bar. For 75.00 we received; a fur coat upgrade, 2 free drinks, a free hat, and a free 5×7 picture. We both had our free drinks and then we ordered 2 shots of Gold Schlagger, (which neither of us were expecting to taste like Big Red gum). We weren’t feeling too much when we decided we were done, and we walked out and it just HIT US. As soon as our bodies got warm we were done. I don’t think I’ve been that drunk in a very, very long time. If you go into the Minus 5 Ice Bar, PLEASE use caution because when you leave your blood will warm up, causing the alcohol content in your body to speed up and you will be suddenly a LOT MORE wasted than you first thought.

We plan on just buying a few shooters instead of spending an arm and a leg on a bunch of watered-down drinks. Though we did enjoy the alcoholic slushies from Fat Tuesday’s that we got last time from the one located in The Forum Shops. (We got to watch the awesome Fall of Atlantis which started as soon as we stepped out of Fat Tuesday’s with our drinks.)

We Can’t Wait

All in all, Vegas is calling our names and we are going. The tradition continues as we have gone every two years! (2013, 2015. 2017) And this time we are going to visit the many hotels we still haven’t been in. We are looking forward to experiencing some new things including a road trip together Sans Kids! I plan on blogging from Vegas so I can bring my vacation and exciting experiences to all of you, my amazing readers.

Have you ever been to Vegas? Tell me your Vegas stories in the comments! <3



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