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Last Day of School-Summertime, Baby

Yesterday was Brodey’s last day of school! He is now going to be a THIRD GRADER! I just cannot believe it!

This picture does not do it justice. Brodey is about 6 inches or more taller in the second picture. And he really does look a lot different.

For his last day of school, they had an assembly and then walked to a park where they spent most of their day. His teacher had sent an email to parents about the last couple of days. She listed the final two day’s activities and also when they would be getting back to school from the park, which was between 1:00 and 1:30.

My mom had stayed over the night before as Nathan was in Casper. So we decided to drive up to Brodey’s school at about 1:30 and pick him up early. He had asked me all year if I could do this for him. So I finally did it!

He was so excited when he saw me, it warmed my heart. But he was also a little sad because he had to say goodbye to his friends. He’s also moving on to a different school next year which I think makes him a little nervous. (The school district in which we sit, has one elementary school divided in two. Pre-K-2nd grade for one and 3rd-5th grade for the other. So next year he will be starting at the 3rd-5th grade.)

After he got loaded up in the car, we decided to take him out to ice cream! (Him and Hailey!)

I think they had a lot of fun. As you can see, Brodey had a LOT of toppings. (Maybe even a few too many!)

I think Hailey is happy that she has her brother home for the summer. I’ve created a summer schedule filled with fun activities and educational things as well. (Reading every day!) I’m excited that I get to spend another summer at home with my kiddos. I can’t wait to see all the fun things we are going to do over the next few months! I look forward to bringing the adventure’s to you, my readers.



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