Best Friend letter


You were my BEST friend.

I know this might seem weird, me writing you a letter out of the blue. But I was feeling nostalgic and I started thinking about you. About our friendship. About how things used to be. We got so close, so fast and I really thought we were going to be friends forever. I would have and did do anything for you.

It’s not often I get this close to people. See, I don’t trust many people. There was something about you that told me to trust you and everything you ever said to me. At least for a little while. Then I began to see the way you lied to other people and it made me wonder how much you had been lying to me.

I hoped you hadn’t because I had opened up to you and told you so much. I didn’t need someone to lie to me or worse, tell other people my secrets. That’s something I had never thought of doing to you.

I guess I was stupid for believing you.

I guess I was stupid for trusting you.

I guess I was stupid for being your friend.

I allowed our friendship to continue, even after you did some shady stuff to me. I wanted a best girlfriend so bad that I was willing to look past all of the ugly, awful things you had done. I wanted a best girlfriend so bad that I allowed you to walk all over me. I let you lie to me and use me. And worst of all I let you hurt other people.

I tried to be okay with you, but after a while it just started to eat away at me.

Fool me once, SHAME ON YOU.

Fool me twice, SHAME ON ME.

After everything, I DON’T regret you.

I don’t regret not being your friend anymore.

I don’t regret cutting you out of my life.

Most of all, I don’t regret knowing you.

I’m no longer bitter about what you did and how you treated me. I forgive you, if you are reading this. But I will not allow myself to get close to you ever again. I cannot allow myself to be walked all over again. Instead, I’m leaving behind the awful and the ugly and I will move forward with all of the amazing memories we created together.

Despite what you did, you were still a big part of my life. And I’ll cherish that forever.

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