Wednesday Words of Wisdom

Annnnd we’re back with another Wednesday Words of Wisdom post. (I like to call it my Wednesday WOW post, because it’s easier and well, “Wow it’s Wednesday already.”, seems pretty fitting.)

Once again, these Words of Wisdom are brought to you by my wonderful husband;

I’m sure you’ve heard of this saying before, but it’s great because it’s so true. Nathan has said this to me a few times through-out the years. (Ahem, when it comes to certain people’s drama.) And I must say, it does make me see the bigger picture more clearly. It helps me realize that if I get too involved in bullshit (sorry for cursing, but it’s what drama is) it could end up coming back on me.

When something is happening and you’re sucked into this whirlwind of drama (other people’s or your own) it’s hard to keep emotions detached from the situation. It’s hard to focus on what really matters at that time. But that’s what you need to do. You need to focus on the bigger picture, separate your emotions and don’t do anything¬†without thinking first. Do what you need to do for yourself and your life. Let the drama of the other party unfold even if it gets messy. I promise you will get through it as long as you don’t give into the drama. In other words “keep your side of the street clean.”

As long as you’ve chosen to live by these words, when the dust settles you will know you came out on top. You didn’t give into the emotions and you kept to yourself. The other party will show their true colors to the world and¬†you will gain more respect for not getting involved.

There you go, a little mid-week inspiration for ya. Did these words of wisdom help you out in any way? Let me know, in the comments!

Have a happy hump day!




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