Mother’s Day-Why It Was The Best One Ever

If you know me, (or if you have been following my blog) you know that I am a mother of two kids. Brodey (age 8) and Hailey (age 3). This morning I caught a moment between them, where Hailey told Brodey to pick up a strawberry and eat it, but she had to pick up hers also. She wanted to eat hers at the same time as her brother.

Their bond is so amazing.

When I heard them talking about their strawberries, when I caught this moment, I knew I HAD to catch it on camera. Life goes by way too fast and I’m afraid I don’t have many pictures of them together. That’s a new goal I’ve set for myself, to take more pictures of my kids growing up together. I want the bond they share, captured forever. Because before they know it, life will be chaotic. They will both be out of the house and on with their own lives, hopefully they will still have the bond they share now.

This past weekend was mother’s day. (I was going to blog about it yesterday, but I’m so glad I waited a day as I would have missed this photo op to write about.) For the first time in YEARS my mom had all three of her kids (myself, my older brother Jeremy and my oldest brother Justin) in the same room together. And of course she had two of her newer kids there as well (my husband and my sister-in-law, Tiffany!)

It was great to spend time with them. Jeremy lives in MN so I don’t see him much, and Justin and Tiffany live an hour or so from me, but their lives are very busy so I don’t see much of them either.

I knew my mom was so happy to see all of her kids together for mother’s day. I hope that when my kids are older they will still spend some mother’s days with me. Especially, with the bond they share together. I don’t want them to lose that.

It was nice to spend time with my siblings. Every time Jeremy comes out here, we go to lunch together. Which is so nice. We get to talk a little bit and catch up.

Brodey and Hailey got me a card and Brodey picked out these beautiful lilies for me. Even BEFORE he knew how much I loved them.

The best part, was when my husband surprised me with chocolate covered strawberries (he knows how much I love them) and a bottle of wine which he picked out because of this post right here. (I said White Zinfandel, but I actually did mean Pink Moscato is my favorite.) If you follow me on social media (do it now, I’ll wait.) then you saw this picture posted. The part that meant the most to me was the fact that he got it from my blog post. He actually takes the time to read my blogs, and that means more than anything.

Thank you to my mom, brothers, sister-in-law, husband, and children for making my mother’s day so special this year. I love you all, so very much.



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