Wednesday Words Of Wisdom

Happy Wednesday!

I’m going to be trying something different here on Ashley Time. You see, my wonderful husband always says the WISEST things. Things that have helped put things in perspective for me over and over again. He has a great way of looking at the world. And an even better way of telling people how it is.

The other day Nathan and I were talking about money I told him how I appreciate him supporting me in everything I do and not using money against me. (Ahem, direct sales businesses.)

He told me “Absolutely babe. I have faith in you. I know you will do great things you just gotta find that path (which you have) and steam roll through it. Don’t let negativity low you down but speed you up. Negative stuff is bad, but it’s also a good thing if you know how to use it.”

These words hold so much truth. I have found the path that was meant for me, writing. And I’m working on steam rolling through it.

Have you figured out what it is that lights your heart on fire? What is it that you keep coming back to again, and again?

Figure it out and then STEAM ROLL THROUGH IT. And don’t let the negativity slow you down, but instead, use it to your advantage!

Happy Hump Day!



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