The #ImNotSorry Movement

I want to start a movement. I know there are so many others out there just like me. People that apologize continuously for being themselves. People who apologize all day every day and don’t even think twice that they are doing it.

Everyday, I want you to find one thing about yourself that you’ve always felt bad about. One thing that society lists as a “flaw”. One thing you constantly apologize for. I want you to take that one thing, and turn it into something positive.


For me, I’ve always hated my thighs. Last night I sent out a tweet that said “I will never have a thigh gap and you know what? #ImNotSorry #ImNotSorryMovement”

I want every one who struggles with their self-image to say ONE nice thing about themselves out loud and then post it on social media with the hashtags #ImNotSorry and #ImNotSorryMovement

I want every single person who feels negative toward themselves, to slowly begin to accept themselves for who they are. Let’s uplift not only ourselves, but each other too.

Encourage your friends to join the movement.

Join the group I created on Facebook, and invite your friends. Especially the people you KNOW could use something like this in their lives.

Let’s start this movement together. Let’s create a more positive atmosphere.

I cannot do it alone, I need each and every single person’s help who reads this. Together, we can change society.



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