I Am An Oilfield Wife

I am an oilfield wife. But not your average oilfield wife.

I don’t live my life in Hitches. And if I do, it’s short lived. Every time my husband gets a new schedule I wonder how long it will last for and never bank on holiday’s/birthday’s etc. Even if I count ahead on a calendar and can see that he might have my birthday off. If it’s still six months away, chances are things will change by then and he will be on a brand new schedule.

My husband doesn’t work on a rig.

He works in the shop. But it’s more than that. His job is not just the location down the street from us. His job is also taking care of the other shops in the United States.

So when another location needs some help out with things, it’s his job to go to another state (Wyoming) and do the work for another location in another state (North Dakota/Texas). He has even had to go to Utah and New Mexico.

He works 80 hour weeks. And is exhausted all of the time. He spends more time with his co-workers than he does with us.

Did I mention he is on call?

I can’t count how many times he has came home from work, stepped in the door, taken off his boots and gotten a call to either turn around and go back to the shop or drive to another state, not to return until early or even late morning.

The worst part is the communication. Not between him and I, but between the other companies. He can think he is good to go and we head out to do something and then he will get a call saying something came up at the last second, and we have to head back home so he can go to work.

This doesn’t happen much anymore because we have learned to make strategic plans. We’re always prepared.

We count on the oilfield to be booming. If it’s not, and it currently isn’t, then my husband gets to work more grueling hours for less pay. (Don’t take this as complaining. I’m VERY grateful he still has his job.)

I might be the oilfield wife, but it’s not my perspective I want you to take in for a moment.

It’s my husband’s.

My husband works in the oilfield.

He works 80 hour weeks, his schedule is always changing, and he has received pay cuts due to the downfall of the oilfield.

My husband works in the oilfield.

He spends most of his time away from home. He doesn’t get to spend near as much time with us as he would like to.

My husband works in the oilfield.

He doesn’t work from just one rig that moves locations. He works in a shop but his job title includes the rest of the United States.

My husband works in the oilfield.

He spends half of his time working; driving. The worst drive for him is to Wyoming and from Wyoming.

My husband works in the oilfield.

He spends more time with his co-workers than he does with his family.

My husband works in the oilfield.

When he tells people this, sometimes they are rude. Because there are a lot of people against the oilfield, Fracking in particular. Especially in Colorado. Because people still don’t understand what goes on with Fracking and instead of doing research, they go by these word-of-mouth made up rumors. (Governor Hickenlooper drank a glass of it, he’s still alive.)

My husband works in the oilfield.

It’s a labor job that pays good. If he could find something that paid (what we need) then he would leave.

My husband works in the oilfield.

He has to live with never knowing where he will be the following day. Will he be going on a car-meet to Texas or New Mexico? Will he be headed to Wyoming? Will he have to run an errand to a town an hour away? Will he be in the shop?

My husband works in the oilfield.

He has to deal with rude people all of the time and hardly ever gets a break from it all.

My husband works in the oilfield.

The pressure, amount of work, exhaustion, and everything else he has to deal with, he carries around on his shoulders 24/7.

My husband works in the oilfield, and I’m damn proud of him and the stuff he endures to make sure he takes care of his family.

I beg you not to judge someone who works in the oilfield. Because you don’t know why they do that, or what they endure day in and day out.



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