I Am A Writer

I know what my passion is. It has been since I was a little girl. I’m a a writer. I love writing. I’m good at it and I find it FUN. *GASP* “How can writing be fun?” you ask. Well let me tell you.
Being a writer allows me to express myself in so many different ways. I can write something;
Funny-When I’m feeling silly
Sad-When I’m feeling sad
Mad-When I’m feeling mad
Expressive-When I feel my voice needs to be heard
I found my true calling at a very young age, but I have never jumped into it as much as I have the past year.
-I have this blog you are currently reading
-I wrote a second book I am in the process of editing and revising
-I wrote a novella I am in the process of editing and revising
-I’m currently writing a non-fiction book
I encourage everyone who loves writing to do it! Let your passion run wild! Do you want to write a book? Do it! Sit down and write the whole thing. Don’t worry about grammar or mis-information or the story sounding bad, that can all be fixed during the revision process! Just get it out! Do you want to write for an online website? Do It! Contact the editors and pitch them great ideas. Or better yet, join the Buzzfeed community and start posting content NOW. Do you want to start a website? Use this link to start your own website! Create a website through Siteground’s hosting and use WordPress integration to create an amazing WordPress website without the limitations of  a WordPress package.
Just jump in and tell the world your story.

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