Does Anyone Else? (How Much Are You Like Me?)

I started laughing because of a random thought I had and I just kept laughing at it. It got me thinking, does anyone else laugh like that over something they thought up in their heads?

And that led me to create this list of my top 5 “Does Anyone Else?” thoughts. (Adults)

1. Does anyone else laugh hysterically at their own jokes?

Jackie Hysterical GIF - Jackie Hysterical Laughing GIFs

2. Does anyone else have to sleep with a fan pointed at them?


3. Does anyone else watch Deadly Women at night with the volume low and closed captioning on?

Image from Deadly Women-Official Youtube

4. Does anyone else cringe when there is an error in their work that they can no longer fix?

Image result for cringe gif

5. Does anyone else eat dinner on the couch and watch Netflix or YouTube?

Picture From Netflix Media Center
Untitled design (6)
Picture created by me on

Let me know in the comments below if you do some or all of these. And also, any other ideas you might have thought of that I should post about next!


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