Banana Ice Cream It’s Nutritious & Delicious

“There’s nothing better than homemade vanilla ice cream.” At least that’s what I used to say until I made banana ice cream! If you are looking for a delicious substitute for normal ice cream, this is it!! Skip the added sugar and milk and enjoy a creamy ice cream that’s made from just one, HEALTHY ingredient! Anyone can enjoy this cool treat, as it is paleo, vegetarian, and vegan friendly!

The best part is, I thought my kids weren’t going to like it very much and as long as you can get the right consistency (don’t blend too much!) it comes out perfect and your kids won’t even realize they are eating something that’s good for them!

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What You Need:

4-6 Bananas

Air Tight Container


Blender or Food Processor

Step One:

Peel and slice each banana into coins and put in air tight container

Step Two:

Freeze bananas for 2+ hours (overnight is best!)

Step Three:

Put in blender or food processor and PULSE, PULSE, PULSE. You are going to feel like it will never get blended but just keep at it and suddenly you will see the change.

Add any extras now.*

Pulse once again.

If it looks like creamy soft serve, you’re done!

Enjoy right away if you prefer creamy soft serve or freeze for 30 minutes (in an air-tight container) if you prefer a more frozen ice cream.

There you have it! An easy, affordable, nutritious, and delicious dessert.

If you make this, take a picture of it and tag me on social media! Let me know if you added in any extras!


*Some amazing extras to toss in are; peanuts, peanut butter, nutella, chocolate chips, chocolate sauce, strawberries, etc.

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